Nepalese Wedding Beer Hire

Nepalese weddings are big, bright and beautiful occasions that can stretch for days with everyone involved having the time of their lives throughout the different celebrations. There are many customs and traditions that are kept during a Nepalese wedding which is mostly Hindu and these will stay for years to come. One custom that has always been a Nepalese wedding favourite is the selection of draft beer that

on tap throughout the celebrations. Partnering Nepalese weddings for years, Asian wedding bar hire have affine selection of beverages in our Nepalese wedding beer hire package.

Being an Asian country, the Nepalese like to use only the finest in Asian draft beer for hire. Kingfisher is one of the first beers of choice at these events – launched in 1978, it is India’s largest selling beer with every one out of three bottles of beer being sold in India being Kingfisher. Being available in 53 countries including India, they are part owned by the Heineken Group. Kingfisher has a large selection of brands including Kingfisher Premium, Kingfisher Strong, Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Blue, Kingfisher Red, Kingfisher Strong Fresh and the most famous Kingfisher Draught. Kingfisher has always proved a brilliant beer to hire at Nepalese weddings.

Another beer hire that has proved popular at Nepalese weddings is Cobra. Since being established in 1989 the brand is now being brewed in the UK, Belgium and India. In 2011 Molson Coors bought a controlling interest in Cobra and is now increasing the company’s profits. The founder of Cobra, Karan Bilimoria, saw a gap in the market for a smoother beer that would appeal to both ale and lager drinkers and thus Cobra was born.

Grolsch is a premium lager that goes down well at any event that it is present at. Since being founded in 1615, the beer and the company have gone from strength to strength. Grolsch is available in 70 countries with its main focus being the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Grolsch has a huge array of different products in its range. The main seller is Grolsch Premium Pilsner with Grolsch Premium Blond and Grolsch Premium Light being the next best sellers. As well as many specialty brews, Grolsch produces some very strong lagers including an 11.6% ABV lager.

All of the lagers above would be perfect for a Nepalese wedding as they are some of the finest lagers in the world. Asian Wedding Bar Hire can supply taps coolers and gas for the keg to be dispensed from at industry leading prices!

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