Mendi and Ladies Sangeet prop hire


Mendi Nights and Ladies Sangeet nights are held in the run up to the wedding day. These nights are both done by the bride and the grooms family at their own homes or in their function venues.

The Asian Wedding or Asian Theming Prop Hire service is designed to meet the budget and requirments of any budget, below you’ll see just a few items which have been used on various events in marquee events, home events and also function hall events.

What is the Mendi Night and how can a room be dressed?
A mendi night is when henna patterns are drawn on the brides hands and feet, this is an old Indian tradition which dates back many, many years. In modern days the brides sisters and often friends also have henna or mendi patterns drawn on this hands, feet and arms. This henna paste is kept on for as long as possible (often just a few hours) to enable the colour to set into the skin. An old wives tale is – the darker the colour is on your skin, the more your mother in law loves you – we’re sure that there are many brides who know differently.


For additional Asian Wedding or Party Ideas, please contact a member of the Customer Services team at Asian Wedding Bar Hire. We will also be in a position to provide you with upto date prices and images of the items above. Our products are delivered and set onsite so you do not have to worry about anything.

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