Asian Wedding Bars That You Can Keep!

For the majority of Asian couples, their wedding day is by far the most prominent day of their lives, being a day that has been meticulously planned for many years, or decades in some cases. This is why Asian weddings are always huge, glamourous affairs, needing to be planned down to the very minute detail.

This includes the all-important bar area; a section of the reception venue where many choose to relax, get acquainted and generally let loose. Holding a huge bearing on how the overall event rolls out, many put a great deal of thought into their wedding bars. And rightly so!

From décor and bar material to shape and colour, an Asian wedding bar is much more than a place to get a drink. This is why at Asian Wedding Bar Hire, we give brides and grooms the option to create their own bespoke wedding bars, ones in which they can keep after the big event!

Choose from an array of materials and style

Wanting to cater to all types of couples with all types of tastes, our team of bar builders can create stunning bars from pretty much any material in any style you so wish. These include:

  • Wood
  • Grass
  • Acrylic
  • Bamboo
  • Chesterfield
  • and much more

So, whether you are in need of a rustic-style bar to complement your intimate wedding or a sleek, modern bar that will look equally as great at your wedding as it will in your home, you have landed on the right website.

Enquire about our Asian wedding bar

If you wish to learn more about our wedding bar options, contact the sales team today for an informal chat. From here, they can talk you through the options, price plans and how the whole process works.

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