Asian Wedding Bar Hire: FAQS

Planning an Asian wedding comes with its demands, with so much to think about and do. This is where we at Asian Wedding Bar Hire aim to help, offering our readers and our customers all the support they need when booking their rental bars. So, if you are currently planning the Asian wedding to top all Asian weddings, read the answers to the below FAQs!

How much does it cost?

Understanding that every couple have different visions and more importantly, budgets, we try hard to offer bespoke quotes. So, whatever your wedding bar budget have faith that we can offer something in your price range. Renowned for our competitive nature, we are proud to help brides and grooms save their pennies!

What is the bar made from?

Eager to complement all themes and style, we offer a whole host of bars made from various materials. These include bars made out of:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Acrylic
  • And much more!

How big is the bar?

Again, the size and shape of your bar is completely up to you, with our in-house bar builders able to create tailor-made bars for your big day. So, whether planning an intimate affair and wish for a small, discrete bar, or are planning the wedding of the year and want a show-stopper of a bar, we can help.

Who will build and dismantle the bar?

The Asian Wedding Bar Hire team will take care of all the logistics, delivering your bar, setting it up and dismantling it when the party is over.

Who will manage the bar?

There are two options when it comes to serving the drinks at your wedding. You can either give someone the responsibility or hire professional help. We have found the latter to work well, with most modern couples choosing to utilise our professional bartender hire service. Greeting customers, serving great drinks and maintaining the cleanliness of the bar area, opting to hire a bartender just makes sense!

Request a quote for wedding bar hire

If you have any more questions about bar rental or wish to request a free, no obligation quote, contact our sales team now.

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