Asian Bride Hit Headlines for Alternative Mehendi

As you know, here at Asian Wedding Bar Hire, we love nothing more than when Asian couples defy wedding conventions. This is why we were intrigued to hear that a bride from Chennai had hit the headlines for her creative henna.

Dipti Mangottil was hailed for her innovative nature when photographed with ‘Memes’ written on her hand. Ditching the traditional henna pattern, the modern Asian bride paid homage to her fiancé, Praveen Balachander.

Usually, brides have their fiancé’s name hidden in their henna.

The story behind the henna

According to the bride, the henna paints a story of when the couple first met, brought together by a mutual friend. Sharing a love for the internet culture of memes, the two found themselves being tagged in the same memes all the time, with their friend suggesting that they may have a similar sense of humour and set of interests.

The South Asian bride also opted to have the word ‘bacon’ painted on the other hand.

‘As tradition goes, the bride is supposed to get her husband’s name written on her hands in henna. But I wanted something special which could be mine and Praveen’s secret,’ Dipti told

‘So I asked the henna artist to put memes and bacon (the two things that are essential in our relationship).

‘Praveen was over the moon and giggling away to glory when he saw what I did for him.

‘A few friends saw it on my Insta story and were blown away and super amused, and it suddenly my wedding went viral. It’s crazy how such a simple idea struck a chord with so many people!’

Let us know what you think. Is this a great example of expression or should some Asian wedding traditions, like wedding mehendi, be upheld. Share your thoughts with us.

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