3 Asian Wedding Trends for 2019

Here at Asian Wedding Bar Hire, we are the UK’s first post of call when shopping for rental bar services, helping our much-valued customers plan the weddings they have dreamt of. As the longest-running company of our type, we always ensure we are abreast of the latest trends. By doing so, we are able to provide fashionable, good-looking to suit all.

Below, we detailed the top Asian wedding trends brides and grooms are set to embrace in 2019.

Social weddings

Being in a generation of digitally-savvy young adults, most weddings now have new technology incorporated into them in some way shape or form. This is especially the case when it comes to social media, with happy couples wanting to celebrate their big day with virtual ‘friends’. From live feeds and unique wedding hashtags to Instagram accounts solely for the wedding pictures, ‘social weddings’ will be the norm in 2019.
This is why we make our bars social environments, allowing guests to enjoy Instagram-worthy drinks all night long.

Bold colours

Where red and gold once ruled the roost when it came to Asian wedding colours, brides and grooms are now becoming increasingly experimental. One colour we are seeing a lot of in peoples’ plans is blue, with Navy blue lehengas and silky indigo gowns being favoured. Being a calming, pretty and versatile colour; it’s easy to see why.

At Asian Wedding Bar Hire, we are thoroughly enjoying experimenting with blue cocktails, creating drinks that tie in with brides and grooms’ themes and colour palletes.

Extravagant themes

And, it is not just colours wedding planners are getting daring with. According to sources, we can expect outlandish themes too. Below are just a few:

  • Enchanted forest
  • Disney
  • Fairytale
  • Botanical
  • Rajasthani

If you are looking to hire an on-trend wedding bar for your big day then we would love to talk you through your options. Whether you require a bar you have seen on this website or would like a custom-made, bespoke wedding bar, we would love to help.

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